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I’m James and I have worked as a personal trainer since 2014, and am still as passionate as ever in the role. 

During my time as a PT, I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life, including athletes, children, over 70s and people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy and paraplegia. 

My specialist areas include Exercise Referral, Strength & Conditioning and Boxing, and my focus as a PT is on health and performance. 

I find great reward in helping people of all ages to achieve high levels of physical capability and to surpass their own expectations of themselves, while building self-sufficiency and a framework for lifelong health and fitness. 

I also work with physiotherapy referral patients, helping them rehabilitate injuries and return to pain-free movement. 

I believe that training should be exciting and enjoyable, and should never feel like a chore or leave you feeling bored and uninspired, and so I strive to make my sessions fun and varied, yet carefully planned and goal-oriented. 

My own background in fitness started with boxing, a sport in which I competed for 15 years. With my knowledge and experience in the sport, I can offer a high standard of one-to-one padwork and coaching for those looking to learn new skills or to simply let off some steam! 

Get in touch today to book your initial consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!




Level 3  |  Diploma in Personal Training

Level 3  |  Diploma in Exercise Referral

Level 2  |  Certificate in Fitness Instructing

Level 2  |  Award in Instructing Kettlebells

Level 2  | Award in Circuit Training

Level 2  |  Award in Group Indoor Cycling



British Rowing

Emergency First Aid

Exercise Referral

Strength & Conditioning

Boxing for Fitness

Injury Rehabilitation





1hr Personal Training £35

30mins Boxing  £20

Paired Session £50 


4x 1:1 Sessions £130 (£32.50 per session)

8x 1:1 Sessions £240 (£30 per session)

12x 1:1 Sessions £330 (£27.50 per session)


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“James really is a great bloke.
He is clearly a very knowledgeable trainer and really cares about my progress. If some days we need to take it slower or rest a bit longer he’ll factor this in.
After struggling with a really bad back for what seemed like an eternity I am now 5 months into training with him and I am pretty much pain free."

—  Michael R

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