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Throughout my twenties I led an active lifestyle, but lost my way a bit. By the time I hit my late 30's I had gained 30kg and my once active lifestyle was now practically sedentary. I knew I had to do something about it. 

After some research, I set about making small changes to my daily life, things like short home workouts; focussing on non-exercise activity like steps; reducing snacks and increasing portions of vegetables. The improvements to my own health soon started to show and my interest in health and fitness continued to grow from there.

I became so passionate about what I was learning and the positive impact these small changes were having on my life, I decided that I wanted to help other people to do the same.

I became a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach and my new career was born. I am now working towards Level 4 Personal Trainer and Level 2 Precision Nutrition qualifications.   

One of my proudest moments of this new career was helping a client to make the changes needed to put Type 2 Diabetes into remission where they no longer needed medication to control it. 

My mission is to help people to live healthy lives in well-functioning, well-performing bodies. I know first-hand that making small, sustainable changes will bring about long-term, long-lasting habits that will change lives for the better, forever.

I have been where you are now. I have successfully made the changes that I needed to make and I can help you to do the same.



Level 3  | Certificate in Personal Training

Level 2 | Strength & Conditioning

Level 2 | Precision Nutrition
Level 2  | Certificate in Fitness Instructing

Level 1 | Certificate in Exercise Nutrition


YMCA Instructing Kettlebells

YMCA Circuit Training

Macebell Magic &

Killer Kettlebell Complexes

Combined Boxing

Indoor Group Cycling

PTA Programme Design


Level 2 | Master Nutrition & Habit Change

Level 3 | Exercise Referral

Level 4 | Obesity and Diabetes


Nutrition Coaching

Metabolic Dysfunction 

T2 Diabetes Lifestyle Change Coaching



1:1   |   please contact for prices

Group PT (max 4 people)

please contact for prices

6wk & 12wk packages available

please contact for prices


"I cannot recommend Richard highly enough. He really is a credit to his profession, gives 110% to his clients and moreover is a truly nice man.” 

—  Tina B

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